Highlead GC1188 Sewing Machine

Highlead GC1188 Sewing Machine

The GC1188 is an industrial flatbed single needle lockstitch sewing machine manufactured by Highlead.

It features a newly designed thread take-up mechanism which, when compared with other machines, allows this model to deal with a wider range of materials and applications.

The needle bar and feed mechanism have also been re-designed resulting in the machine operating smoothly with low noise and low vibration.

The positive feed motion combined with the new take-up mechanism allows the operator to switch between different materials and different jobs with little or no adjustment to the machine.

It can be set at up to 5000rpm and is fitted with an automatic pump driven lubrication system: feeding all important components, including the hook & base.

It is a general purpose industrial single needle lockstitch machine for use on light to medium weight fabrics & materials.

Many optional accessories are available for the GC1188, including: zip feet, piping feet, gathering feet, hemmers, binders and guides etc.

The Highlead GC1188 with its new modern design and robust construction is one of the best general purpose flat machines available.

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