Highlead GC128-MD3 Sewing Machine

Highlead GC128-MD3 Sewing Machine

This is a brand new Highlead GC128-MD3 Sewing Machine available at Brian Heys Sewing Machines in Warrington
The Highlead GC128-MD3-106 is a single needle lockstitch machine with thread trimmer for use on light/medium weight materials.

The machine is equipped with a automatic thread trimmer which is mounted under the needle plate for quick & accurate cutting of thread at the end of a sewing cycle. This saves considerable time when compared with manual cutting of threads using scissors etc.

The position of the needle is controlled by an electronic needle position motor & controller. This will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position at the end of a sewing cycle: reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel.

With the aid of advanced electronics + electric solenoid devices and a digital operator input unit; the GC128 has many programmable & time saving functions which include:

The Highlead industrial sewing machine head has been refined over many years of use in clothing & textiles factories; it is a high speed, smooth, well balanced & robust machine. As well as the automatic thread trimmer and electronic functions, it still has the standard features which users are familiar with, eg: manual reverse lever, stitch adjusting dial, bobbin winder, hand or knee operated foot lifter etc.

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